Understanding Competition & Strategy

To understand strategy—what it is, why it’s important, and how to develop a successful one for any organization—you must begin with understanding competition. For more than three decades, Harvard Professor Michael Porter has been developing and refining the essential frameworks that explain how competition works and its implications for strategy in business, government, and society.


What is Strategy?

Strategy explained

Strategy frameworks

The Five Forces, the Value Chain, and other essential frameworks.

Strategy Frameworks

Creating a successful strategy

How to deliver unique value and drive continuous improvement in any organization.

Creating a successful strategy

Strategy and Smart, Connected Products

Three waves of IT-driven competition have radically reshaped competition in the past 50 years. Now, in the third wave, IT is becoming an integral part of the product itself. “Smart, connected products” are expanding and transcending industry boundaries, disrupting value chains, altering industry structure, and raising a new set of strategic choices for competitors.

Strategy and IT

About Michael Porter

Learn more about Michael Porter and his role in creating the modern strategy field.

About Michael Porter