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News Archive 2000-2003







IDB America,
Magazine of the Inter-American Development Bank

December 2003

The Productivity Marathon
Coverage of Michael Porter speaking at the IDB seminar: Competitiveness and Consensus Building in Latin America 

available in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English



Kudlow & Cramer
CNBC appearance and webcast

November 2003



Press briefing

October 30, 2003

Launch of the Global Competitiveness Report 2003-2004





October 27, 2003

An Inner-City Renaissance and
Pitting Markets vs. Poverty

requires free registration



National Academy of Public Administration, Center for Local and State Solutions

October 26, 2003

Inner Cities: New Hope, More Challenges
by Neal Peirce




European Business Forum

October 2003

Corporate Social Responsibility - a religion with too many priests?
Mette Morsing interviews Michael Porter




Press release

September 12, 2003

100 of the State's Top Leaders Gather for First Annual Massachusetts Life Sciences Summit

see bottom of release for links to presentation materials and press coverage



Press release

August 5, 2003

Harvard's Michael Porter Honored by Academy of Management




Birmingham Business Journal

May 19, 2003

Power, manufacturing, printing lead local job growth




The Nation (Thailand)

May 5, 2003

The Ireland of Asia: Porter, "It's now or never"




Harvard Business Review

May 2003

Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer win McKinsey Award for "The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy"

more on "The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy"



Press release

March 2003

Harvard University Announces a New Tool for Boosting Competitiveness




Boston Business Journal

March 20, 2003

Harvard launches regional development web resource




HBS Working Knowledge

January 27, 2003

New Cluster Mapping Project Helps Companies Locate Facilities
Sean Silverthorne interviews Michael E. Porter 




Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

January 26, 2003

Inner city has great potential for economic growth
by Daniel Bader and Michael E. Porter




Financial Times

January 23, 2003

Why coasting on past gains will leave us washed up




Financial Times

January 13, 2003

The Tax Cut That Could Pay Dividends
by Michael E. Porter




The Boston Globe

January 13, 2003

The Pluses in Corporate Philanthropy
by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer





January 2003

Michael Porter interviewed on UK competitiveness

webcast requires RealPlayer



HBS Bulletin

December 2002

Porter Course Goes Abroad




USAID FrontLines

November/December 2002

Microeconomics: Porter Calls Clusters a Development Tool  





November 2002

German Competitiveness - Overcoming the Crisis
by Christian Ketels and Michael E. Porter 

in German



Press briefing

November 12, 2002

Launch of the Global Competitiveness Report 2002-2003




International Herald Tribune

October 1, 2002

Being big without profit doesn't get you anywhere 
Q&A with Michael Porter




Institute Photo Gallery

September 13, 2002

Aleksander Vlahovic, Minister of Economy, and Goran Pitic, Minister of International Economic Relations, at the Institute




Süddeutsche Zeitung

September 2002

Interview with Michael Porter on German Competitiveness

pdf, in German


AFR BOSS magazine

September 2002

Absolute Porter





September 23, 2002

Interview with Michael Porter on cluster theory
Emiliano Duch interviews Michael Porter for  The Competitiveness Institute 2002 Global Conference

Webcast requires free RealPlayer.  38 minutes.



Institute Photo Gallery

September 13, 2002

Mircea Geoana, Foreign Minister of Romania, at the Institute




Pointe Innovation magazine

Summer 2002

Upgrading the Competitiveness of Mississippi: Past, Present and Future
by Michael E. Porter




CT Business Magazine

June/July 2002

Connecticut's Cluster System: The Microeconomics of Competitiveness




Weekly Toyo Keizai

July  2002

Conversation Series with Porter Prize Winners: Canon Lens, Hoya Vision Care, Mabuchi Motor, Matsui Securities

in Japanese



Press release

June 27, 2002

Michael Porter Honored by Nicaragua
Competitiveness Expert Receives Nation's Highest Recognition




Harvard Business Review

June 17, 2002

Michael Porter wins first-place McKinsey Award for "Strategy and the Internet"


more on "Strategy and the Internet"



Financial Times

June 5, 2002

Crucial Importance of Clear Business Goals

subscription required



HBS Working Knowledge

June 3, 2002

Location, Location, Location: Strategy in Europe
Sarah Jane Johnston interviews the Institute's Christian Ketels




Press release

May 22, 2002

Accenture Study Yields Top 50 'Business Intellectuals' Ranking of Top Thinkers and Writers on Management Topics




Academy of Management Executive

May 2002

Retrospective: Michael Porter's Competitive Strategy  




HBS Bulletin

April 2002

Urban Evolution: HBS Research on the Inner City




Institute Photo Gallery

April 2002

Governor John G. Rowland leads a delegation of Connecticut's business leaders at the Institute




Institute Photo Gallery

April 2002

Enrique Bolanos, President of Nicaragua, at the Institute

March 28, 2002

Michael Porter interviewed on Australian competitiveness and clusters

subscription required



Press release

February 13, 2002

Service Leadership Fellows Program Announced




European Business Forum

Winter 2002

Why the European Context Matters
by Christian Ketels




Institute Photo Gallery

November 2001

Catalonia's Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Antoni Subira, at the Institute




Business Week

August 27, 2001

"Q&A: Caught in the Net"
by John A. Byrne
Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter reflects on how companies misread the first great dot-com wave—and suggests ways the New Economy may evolve.




Harvard Gazette

July 2, 2001

Harvard Professor Michael Porter to lead new Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness




CFO Magazine

May 2001

Darkness Before the Dawn
by Edward Teach
Strategist Michael Porter tells why Japan's economic sun has set, and how it can rise again.




Harvard Gazette

December 7, 2000

Michael Porter Named University Professor









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